Monday, February 6, 2012

Favorites of 2012: January Edition

Things I am currently loving:

1. Laura Mercier: Oil free foundation primer
This stuff is awesome and helps my make up stay on. Usually by the end of the day my make up looks melted and blah and my face gets shiny. But when I use this stuff my make up still looks good at the end of the day and my face is less shiny. It's oil free too!

2. CLARISONIC® 'Black Onyx PLUS' Cleansing System (Nordstrom Exclusive)!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! My face feels 100 times more clean after I use it. At first I didn't really want it and thought it was a waste but now that I have it, I can't live without it!

3. Town House Flip Sides Pretzel crackers - Original
I'm not kidding, these things are addicting!
Especially when ate with this dip from Costco
4. Chunky artichoke and jalapeño dip
Don't be surprised if both your crackers and dip are gone in 2 days. No joke! It's that good. Don't let the jalapeño fool you either. It's not spicy at all.

5. Victoria's Secret Classic long-sleeve Raglan Tee
I have a black one and the one in the pic that looks solid bright pink but the color is called sweet purple and it's not that bright or dark. It's a light purpley pinkish almost neon color. I heart it.

6. Victoria's Secret PINK leggings
I have these in black and grey. They are the most comfy things ever. I wear them with my long sleeved Raglan tees all too often. They're like lounge clothes staples. A must have! 

7. Jimmy Choo perfume
I LOVE this perfume! I esp love that it's not super trendy like Flower Bomb (yet). 
I get lots of compliments on it (esp from guys). It's a good one! I've only seen it at Nordstrom...not sure what other stores carry it.

8. Diet Dr. Pepper & Dr. Pepper 10
 I'm not a soda drinker. I haven't drank soda (besides sips here and there) in YEARS. I wasn't allowed to during cheerleading season in High School so it just became a habit. I don't really like drinking calories and I'm not a big caffeine or sugar person. I'm a huge water drinker.
My mom drinks diet Dr. Pepper with fresh limes almost daily...and has now got me hooked! I will usually still just have sips of hers but this weekend I made a pit stop at Circle K twice to get my $0.79 diet soda fix.
Not proud of this-at least it's not a habit yet but I'm starting to find myself craving one!
She also bought the Dr. Pepper 10 and I tried it. It's super good! We are a Dr. Pepper drinking family-my mom's whole side of the family is. The joke is that my grandma would put it in everyone's bottles when they were little and that's why they're all hooked on it!

9. KENRA VOLUME SPRAY 25 (hairspray)

Best hairspray ever (currently). Love this stuff! I have my friend get it from a hair store but I think they sell it at Ulta.

10. shellac nails!

I get mine done at my normal nail salon where I get acrylics (when I have those) and pedicures.
Honestly, TOTALLY worth the $15.00 (It's normally $20 but I always use a coupon).
It will stay on for almost 3 weeks. Stays shiny, doesn't chip, dent, crack or anything!
I currently have a super sparkly light pink/nude color on.
Beats regular nail polish that will usually chip after 2 days.


  1. ddp is so good. so, so good.
    i've heard a lot about shellac and really want to get them but haven't taken the plunge yet. what's the take-off life? i know it's not acrylic, but it's not just polish, so is taking them off a bother?

  2. i'm on the hunt for a new perfume..i was leaning towards vera wang but i might need to go check this one out. i love a good perfume!