Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm leavin' on a jet plane...

Ok not really but close enough. That song gets stuck in my head.

Tomorrow I go here:
Roadtrip, 8 friends, 2 hotel rooms, Day @ Disneyland, dinner at Blue Bayou, beach, shopping = FUN

 In 3 weeks: I will be on here:

 It's quite possible in 2 months I'll be moving here:
(still TBD...fingers crossed because I need to get away for a bit but if I go, I may never come back :) )
Stay tuned


  1. Jealous!! Have SO much fun on your trip!!xoxo

  2. woot! i'm so excited for you to do all THREE of those things. but especially the hawaii one. ha. love you, mars!

  3. Hawaii?!?!?! Jealousy. How fun! Hope that one works out (and if you end up staying, make sure you have an awesome couch I can come crash on whenever)