Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm addicted to good deals

Ok I'm addicted to good deals and getting expensive, nice quality things for cheaper. Who doesn't love a good deal. I have found a bunch of websites that have daily deals but only for a limited time.
I don't check them every day but I should because sometimes by the time I get on, the good stuff is all sold out. bummer.

Anyway here are a few of my favorties I think you guys should check out!

I wanted some good knives and I found these on the website so I ordered them. I love how colorful they are and I read up on them and they're supposed to be really good and sharp. Anything will be better than the crappy knives I've been using at my house-almost causing me to slice my fingers open on numerous occassions.

I seriously love this website! They have some killer deals AND it's a Nordstrom run company.

This site has the cutest home stuff! I almost bought a tufted bed the other day but buying a bed isn't exactly something I buy on a whim so I resisted ;)

Another site with some cute home stuff. They throw in vintage sales too which I love!

5. Zulily
This site has baby, kids, and mom stuff on it. I love getting on this site and buying baby shower gifts. They are such good deals and have cute, original things! I hate going to a baby shower and giving someone something cute from Target (even though I love Target and they have cute cheap stuff) only to find that 3 other people bought the same thing!

I hope you guys like these sites as much as I do!!

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