Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend stuff

1. Craft day with my good friend. We made Halloween wreaths. 
For a total of $14 each!
Here was a quick mock layout of some of the things we used. I got really excited the night I bought all the stuff so I had to play around!
The plastic bats, snakes, and rats glow in the dark. We sprayed a few of them black and brown though.
 Finished product! I think it's cuter in person :)

2. I love this little cupcake plate with the dome that I found for $4!
 First use will be for my Halloween decorations

3. Saturday is the 1 day my bed is guaranteed to be made. The other days it's a toss up.
My wall isn't finished and I need a headboard.
I'm already ready to change my bedding and the look of my room though :/

4. Weekend means FOOTBALL!
Went to the ASU vs. Utah game.
We killed them. It was awesome! Always a good time going to the game!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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