Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday, new hair, and Christmas decor

1. I went shopping on Black Friday (Thurs night) with my mom. First stop was Target. I got 3 Blu ray DVDs for good prices and then it was time to get out of there. Next stop was Kohls. We got there around 11:40 and they were supposed to open at 12. I did not think this place would be that crowded but the line was wrapped half way around the strip mall/shopping center. So we opted to stay in the car until 12 and go in after the hundreds of people. It was insane. I would never go stand in line for hours. After we got out of Kohls we hit up Dicks Sporting goods where we got lots of Nike workout stuff 50% off! I would have gone to the mall but none of my friends would go with me so I went home and slept until noon on Friday haha!

2. I got my ombre redone but instead of blonde I went with a reddish color. More subtle but I love it! There's nothing better than freshly done hair! The last lady that cut my hair cut it in way too much of a V in the back. So I had my friend cut it off and even it out...about 3-4 inches :( That was the longest part of my hair but it will grow back soon enough! I love/hate that my hair grows so fast.

3. I set up my Christmas tree and made my wreath for my front door (while watching Elf of course)! After about 3 trips to both Hobby Lobby and Michaels for ribbon and few sprigs and fillers they're finally done! 
My tree has a ton of mercury glass ornaments so it's kind of hard to see them but my tree is definitely more full this year. It's a little 4.5 ft tree so I put it in this random plastic planter my mom had with a box and a piece of tile on top to make it taller. I actually love how it turned it out!

For the wreath I just wired on some vintage ornaments, added some sparkly green sprigs, tied little red ornaments in 3's to look like berries, and threw a ribbon bow on it and called it good. I love having Christmas decorations up. It makes a house so cozy and warm. 
This is definitely the best time of the year!

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Bring on Christmas!

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  1. Love the red! With 3-4 cut off and it still is that long?? Dang girl, I wish my hair grew that fast.
    Holiday movies while crafting is a must. ;)